In a world where brand identities are everywhere, it is important to get your brand out in the world. What is a brand identity? When you think of tacos you think Taco Bell, that is the importance of a brand identity. A brand is the HEART of your business, it is what keeps your business moving and growing on its own. Zombies are scary but a brandless zombie is even scarier, do not be a brandless zombie.

Having a brand identity is how your business is memorable, adds value, and helps your customers recognize you so they can return. If you are good at what you do, a brand matters, and you want to be the one people turn to because of your reputable brand. Let’s go over what a brand will do for your business:

  • Gives your business respect

  • Gives your customers faith in you

  • Broadcasts your business

  • Provides economic value

  • Gives your employees something to believe in

  • Builds clientele

  • Increase sales

Without a brand, your business will wander around aimlessly through this ocean of businesses. There is too much competition out there where you need to stand out among the rest. Recognition is key with a brand will have a face for your business and people will instantly remember. You want a simple branding but be influential enough to leave an impression.

Being polished and branded does give an authentic feel but you do want to build trust with your clients. As you are building your trust, you are building your brand trust. Advertising is another value to having a brand. Putting your brand out there on T-shirts, packaging, social media is an amazing way to help build your brand. Look at Salt Life they grew their business by putting their brand on everything. Therefore, branding is an important part of advertising, put your brand in the face the world is on point.

Any business who wants to attract candidates, better employees, it is hard to get someone to really put their heart into something they don’t have faith in. A brand that is trustworthy gives employees ambition to give their all and help build your business. Intertwining theses strategies helps branding greatly increase your business economic value.  

So in so many words, your business needs branding, don’t get lost in the crowd stand out. My job is to help create brands or an image for your business and if you need a brand with a face, I can create it for you.

Schedule your free brand strategy call with me to avoid in becoming a Brandless Zombie.