There is a lot of confusion when it comes to branding and brand identity. You may think they are one and the same but alas they are not. They both are key to the development of your distinct brand to bring you the greatest client attraction.  With branding being what Heartify Your Brand offers, it is best to know the elements that make you stand out and have you and your personality come to the forefront in your business.

Here is an example of each brand and brand identity, if you hear the words let’s go to Dunkin Donuts. If you like donuts you know they have good donuts, that is what is said about them, that is an example of branding. If you see the logo of Dunkin Donuts and it makes you want a donut that is brand identity, it is the visual aspect of branding.

Let’s play a game!

Branding or brand identity, which one is it?

My dreams and vision of the business

  • My voice and input

  • My style and elements

  • How people know my business

  • My charisma

Did you guess?

Ding Ding! It is branding, branding is all about what you add to your business. Your reputation and style the values you add to your brand bringing the ultimate client attraction. It can be the types of wording you use to the way you arrange a format. This is building your brand to reach the audience you would like to reach.

Let’s try another one.

  • Color’s

  • Images

  • Typography

  • Shapes

This can only be brand identity, everything you visualize when you think of a brand. Your brand identity will add a feeling to the colors you use, they can bring out feelings when they see it.  It is how they will identify your brand.

See there a difference in the two that help give you the best client attraction when you actually compare them. Both play a big key in a brand though, without each other you may be missing a key element in your brand. Without branding or the dream, you don’t have a legacy, without your identity you cannot share your vision. You see together these two halves become a whole. Heartify Your Brand can help give your brand the edge it needs to give you the right client attraction your business needs.

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Humaira Akhter