A few months back, I celebrated one-year anniversary of the birth of Heartify Your Brand. I expressed how I am not the type of person who does a good job celebrating milestones and wins but I shifted that mentality for two main reasons. One, it allows you to see your accomplishments and things you have learned along the way that contributes to personal growth story. Two, it’s a way to look into the future and seeing all the possibilities and opportunities you can create in your business. So, partnering with a friend of mine who became not only my soul business partner but someone I can trust whole-heartedly is another milestone that calls for celebration.

Join our FREE facebook community of other entrepreneurs

Join our FREE facebook community of other entrepreneurs


I met Zeni Pradel through my business mentor who happened to be in the same mastermind. She was helping her clients with managing their social media content, repurposing content in million ways so that they can gain new leads on autopilot. On top of her full-time job, she was not only managing social media platforms but also pursuing her online business manager certification. So, the funny story that business is very much like dating scenes. We both have been enjoying each others work so much that we finally decided to put our brains together and come up with our JV idea which is now called the “Brew Your Brand With Confidence” a community-driven effort where we want to bring the most passionate “Women Entrepreneurs” who has been in the business for a while but can’t figure out how to connect all the dots between, branding, social media, and marketing automations which is frankly the lifeblood of any online business. It turns out we had so much in common and our personalities were complimentary of each other that we started to solve our clients problems like it was our ultimate dreams come true.


It started out when I was helping a friend who happened to be looking for someone to completely rebrand her business. Sandy and I met a few years ago and we have stayed in touch. She saw that a big part of my business was helping people with designing a brand that clearly communicates their value. She had a website and several programs but was missing a BIG component which was consistency and lack of FOCUS in her brand. For three months, we worked together on creating a unified brand that not only attracted new clients but she was able to sell her product in less than 60 days that made her over $9K. But this was all possible because I had Zeni by my side who helped to put together her course in a platform in less than a week. She also helped to set up all her marketing automations which eliminated a lot of manual labor from Sandy in order to assist her clients. As a result, our client was also able to make over 200 sales with her audience size of less than a 1000 in her email list. And that’s a signifiant ROI. On top of that, she did not have to spend a dime on paid advertising. It was all through organic reach where we simply monetized on her brand presence and optimized her social profiles to increase visibility. Read the case study here

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Our goal is to help women entrepreneurs to build a profitable and scalable brand. We have combined our forces of talents, and unique backgrounds that will help YOU to position uniquely in the market and create a BRAND that you absolutely LOVE. Our vision is to create a community where you are committed to create a long-lasting impression and leverage your inner brand power to maximize your IMPACT. We have been extremely fortunate to work with our current clients where we have developed a proven 4 step roadmap that will help YOU build that profitable and scalable brand. The same system and has enabled us to create a program where we are planning to launch a mastermind, “THE BRANDED M.O.M.S” in the FALL but accepting now early adopters to test our program. In fact, we are looking for YOU to give us feedback so we can make this program mold into ultimately that’s strictly designed for YOU. So, I’d love for you to Check it out here!


A big part of us working together we found out that we have learned to pivot key business decisions based on clients’ feedback and accepting our stage of the business that we are in. We also learned that we are 100 percent service-oriented people who loves to take our clients from start to finish and provide ample support along the way. We noticed that it’s a mutual experience where we feel that we can hold each other accountable through the process and growing together. It’s truly an unique expereince. And the trust and credibility we have gained with our clients is more than we have ever imagined. It has brought us this far where we are ready to scale so we can help more passionate, committed and impact-driven women entreprenuers to take their business to the next level. We are beyond excited what is about to come and how want to shape the future of our own brand culture and community. So, if you want to be part of such community where we truly care about each other and want to see others make a difference, then I’d love for you to join us. If you would also like to connect with us where we offer a FREE 50 minute strategy session but more like coffee date, then Schedule your coffee date here!




I help women business entrepreneurs create a brand that speaks their heart and attracts perfect clients so they can make more money and impact.


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Watch the free training on how to set up facebook Groups using Airtable

Watch the free training on how to set up facebook Groups using Airtable