Get Social

Everyone’s using social media these days – and in our opinion, a brand minus a good presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram is a brand that could be widening their community and increasing their sales. 

People don’t want to jump around from website to website, or social media site to social media site; if they can find everything they’re looking for on Facebook, why would they hop around online, opening dozens of tabs and ensuring overwhelm soon sets in?

So, make sure you set up that Facebook and Twitter page – and start interacting with your customers!

Consider Video

Video is big business, so it’s no surprise that more people are turning to Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to share their company news and connect with their audience. You can do the same, too, since people prefer to digest information via video. So, grab your iPhone camera and get filming! After posting your videos on social media, you may find that you soon build up a loyal following who are ready and waiting to hear what you have to say about issues affecting your industry. 

Ensure Your Site is Responsive

Is your site mobile-friendly? What that means is can it easily be viewed on a cell phone, and can people navigate it smoothly? There’s a quick way to find out, simply by clicking this link. Since Google favors mobile sites over their desktop counterparts, it’s more important than ever to ensure your site is fully responsive.

Improve Your Artwork

Think about the last professional brand you saw online? One of the factors which may have determined how ‘big’ that brand appeared is their logo, because let’s face it, a less-than-desirable logo sends out the wrong impression. Invest some time and money into getting your branding right and you’ll be glad you did. Get in touch with me here at Heartify Your Brand if you think I can help. Click Here

Add Value

One of the best ways to keep your audience interested? Add value to their lives! Create freebies to grow your email list or provide interesting information and tips they can put into action. Trust us when we say that when you try these five tips, you’ll be propelling your brand – and sales – to new heights.

Humaira Akhter