Twin Mom of Boys, Brand Designer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Painter, and Occasional Shower Singer!

Twin Mom of Boys, Brand Designer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Painter, and Occasional Shower Singer!


I spent over 10 years in the corporate world before deciding it was time to become my own boss and start Heartify Your Brand. With flexible hours and a renewed focus on the professional areas I’m passionate about, I’m happier, and I provide each of my clients with the high-level branding skills and services they need to take a step above the competition.

I created Heartify Your Brand as a way to help business owners and marketing professionals take back control of their brand. Because brands are intangible assets, harnessing them and enabling them to reach their full potential is a challenge for every organization no matter how big or small they are.



My new focus is on helping professionals find new and inventive ways to clarify their brand message and keep it consistent across the board, so it has a positive impact on their customers. While building a successful brand takes time, effort, and soul searching, I have seen this hard work pay off exponentially through my work. I'm ready to help you start your new journey and create the brand your business and customers deserve!

"One challenge that I help businesses overcome is injecting emotional appeal and empathy into their brands. I teach my kids to care for others, and I can do the same for your brand. As a more empathetic brand, your customers will see the people behind the brand rather than seeing just another faceless company."



  • With my marketing hat firmly on, I love designing brands that don’t just reflect your personality, but offer an emotional component. Let’s face it, we are emotional creatures. So, designing with empathy is vital

  • You will find me at local coffee shops - not Starbucks, as I like the idea of tasting different environment

  • I live a very fearless life and I’m not afraid to take bold risks when it comes to making business decisions. I have two other side gigs, which I love doing: helping women with creative leadership and people to get fit in my spin class

  • I am a cross between a social butterfly and design nerd, who is happy to sit at a corner and listen to my favorite podcasts like Aysle Birsel

  • I tend to eat a healthy power breakfast every morning, teach indoor cycling 2 to 3 times a week, and I'm obsessed with interior design shows.

That’s it for now. If you want to know more, we can always have a virtual coffee chat. Totally my treat! Get in touch. :)