Sandy Gribbin is a cross-fit and a personal trainer with over 30 years of experience as a competitive, champion highland dancer and choreographer. As a teacher, she helps her students with prevention of overused injuries. She has a strong passion for helping dancers to feel confident and reach their potential through specific turnout exercises and effective trainings.


As a business owner she struggled with having a clear and unified vision of her brand that would serve her target audience at the highest level. Most of her revenue streams were coming from private consultations. As a one person business, Sandy found that her time spent on answering emails, serving her one-on-one clients plus running a business consumed most of her time. In addition, she was teaching classes, and maintaining a family life that nearly left her feeling burned out and exhausted. She found out that the amount of work that went in was not even bringing the revenue stream that she needed in order to sustain her business in the long run. She had too many ideas in the beginning and her branding was inconsistent overall which caused a major disconnect with her target audience.


My business partner, Zeni Pradel (Online Business Manager) and I worked on a simple 4 step roadmap strategy which is our M.O.M.S (Magnetize, Organize, Monetize, and Systemize) method that helped her to clarify the brand vision, a consistent look and feel, and developed an automated email marketing campaign to increase her brand awareness. The strategy also helped her to spread her messages across channels where marketing outreach was under utilized. We were able to build a unified brand that instantly built connection, credibility, and resonated with her ideal clients.We also designed her core offer, “Turnout For Reel,” that was specifically targeted for users to purchase her program. In addition, we implemented her marketing automation system so she can easily nurture her new and existing leads. As a result, she was able to monetize her existing audience that she has grown over the years through optimizing social media profiles, and facebook groups to build a better connection while providing more value for her clients and enhancing the brand experience.

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Over the years I discovered that I struggle a lot with organizing my ideas. I have lots of ideas I want to put into action, but I have a hard time doing that.
“Instead of feeling like I was progressing my business, I was being overwhelmed by all these little details that I wanted to move into and goals I wanted to work towards. I didn’t have any organization around it or a unified brand to bring all those things together”
Before the project, everything was me doing the work. And it was all 1x1. If someone reached out to me I had to respond via email right away. If I met with a client it was all 1x1. That gets very limiting and put’s a ceiling on the business
— Sandy Gribbin, Owner
Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Program Launch with Automated Emails

Program Launch with Automated Emails

Unified Branding

Unified Branding

Reaching Audience

Reaching Audience


Building a Unified and Magnetic Brand Around Passion and Target Audience


  • Researched core audience with their pain points, conducted surveys, and interviews to receive feedback on trial programs

  • Identified core values, passion and mission to pursue and audience that align most with business goals.

  • Developed a branding board and a complete style guide to maintain consistency


  • Narrow down niche and audience focus.

  • Build a professional brand that highlights core expertise and background

  • Establish branding consistency across all marketing channels

Organizing and Determining a Focus


  • Developed system for scheduling and tracking appointments.

  • Tracked projects and milestones through organization tools such as Trello and Airtable


  • Identify tools and systems for automating and tracking communication with clients easily

  • Organized ideas and thought process so it is clearly mapped to the overall vision and goals

Monetizing on the brand Through Consistency and Momentum


  • Introduced easy-to-use web-based tools such as Canva, Acuity, and Leadpages

  • Provided on-going training and weekly consultation to build confidence and keeping open lines of communication

  • Developed a social media calendar with branded visuals to communicate offers and messages consistently


  • Familiarize client with new tools and processes.

  • Build client confidence in adopting self-sustaining methods the client can easily adopt into her business.

Implementing New Systems and Processes


  • Provide guidance on how to increase traffic, nurture clients through email sequences, and boost sales through consistent communications

  • Transitioned email marketing system to a highly-efficient system to increase conversions and click-through rates.


  • Prepare client to independently use new automated systems.

  • Equip client with skills to to continue new processes long term.


In less than 60 days, the launch of Fit For Reel produced…


Emails list grew from

535 TO 640

Email Campaign

Open rate: 48.41%
click-through rate: 11.31%

Facebook group grew by




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